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Can two narcissists establish a long-term, stable relationship? Two narcissists of the same type somatic, cerebral, classic, compensatory, inverted, etc. There are two types of narcissists: the somatic narcissist and the cerebral narcissist. The somatic type relies on his body and sexuality as Sources of Narcissistic Supply. The cerebral narcissist uses his intellect, his intelligence and his professional achievements to obtain the same. Narcissists are either predominantly cerebral or overwhelmingly somatic. In other words, they either generate their Narcissistic Supply by narcissists dating each other their bodies or by flaunting their minds.

Verified by Psychology Today. Understanding Narcissism. Here is something that narcissists dating each other people do not know. After spending the last 40 plus years listening to my clients talk about their love lives, I realized an interesting fact:. Most people choose romantic partners who are their approximate equals with regard to understanding how to sustain intimacy.

Verified by Psychology Today. Fulfillment at Any Age. Can they ever really overcome their selfishness and egocentrism so that they can learn to love each other? Perhaps you know two people who both seem to be highly narcissistic , in your opinion. They each clamor for attention , not only from each other, but from the world at large. You can hardly imagine the two of them together without stepping all over each other in their search for being number one.
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People who meet the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder or those who have traits of Antisocial Personality Disorder can operate in extremely manipulative ways within the context of intimate relationships due narcissists dating each other their deceitfulness, lack of empathy, and their tendency to be interpersonally exploitative. Although I will be focusing on narcissistic abusers in this post, due to the overlap of symptoms in these two disorders, this can potentially apply to interactions with those who have ASPD to an extent. Understanding the nature of these toxic interactions and how they affect us has an enormous impact on our ability to engage in self-care. Narcissists and those with antisocial traits tend to subject romantic partners through three phases within a relationship. Be wary of: constant texting, shallow flattery and wanting to be around you at all times. These are words that narcissists often use to demean victims when abuse victims mourn the loss of the idealization phase or react normally to being provoked. You have to understand that the man or woman in the beginning of the relationship never truly existed. The true colors are only now beginning to show, so it will be a struggle as you attempt to reconcile the image that the narcissist presented to you with his or her current behavior. The narcissist makes you seem like the needy one as you react to his or her withdrawal and withholding patterns even though the expectations of frequent contact were established early on in the relationship by the narcissist himself.

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